spring colours aplenty………………..

I suppose yesterdays Photo Challenge had everybody that made a submission thinking about flower images they had recently shot, but at the same time they would have remembered the others that were lurking somewhere on an archived folder somewhere :-). Some may have even thought of images shot with slide and film. With a topic like flowers, there ought to be many variables.

I too, did the same thing, and remembered the time I went away on a weekend to the Cederberg mountains, about 2 hours away from Cape Town. This particular farm had a little cottage that is rented out to visitors to the area. As it turned out, it was at the beginning of spring, so the spring flowers were out and about, adding a splash of colour to the area. There were also fruit trees on this farm, and if you look closely, you’ll notice the orange trees with fully grown, ripe oranges waiting to be harvested. It is incredible how dense the coverage is, with what are essentially wild flowers, that show themselves in the beginning of spring, and before long are gone until the next spring.

Fortunately, I had my camera with, and captured the colourful sight. So todays images are my second submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Flowers……………….The journey continues……………………………………..

6 thoughts on “spring colours aplenty………………..

  1. this is wonderful. thank you for sharing all this beauty. i am actually on a quest to find your weekly challenge image for flowers, but this post caught my attention. now for your official flower post….

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