and so it rained………….

Yesterdays blog, and another a short while ago, were about the fact that we were supposed to be in winter and how the weather we were experiencing feels completely uncharcteristic for this time. I even noted that some people actually consider this to be the norm, and that it is what happens every year. Somehow I dont seem to remember so few cold and rainy days. Be that as it may, it seems my blog of yesterday, just did the trick. This morning turned out to be pretty overcast with the sun punching through the clouds at every opportunity. Later in the morning, the skies opened up a little giving the sun an opportunity to show itself. But, that was shortlived and it became overcast all over gain, this time the friendly white clouds became a lot greyer and before long the rain arrived. Such a welcome sound when you havent heard it too often. Dont get me wrong, Winters here can be quite unrelenting, cold wet days with icy wind for days on end. Cold fronts arriving one after another like rush hour at Heathrow :-).

As luck would have it the heavens decided to open up as I was driving home. It was shortly before sunset and with the low visibility most cars were driving with their lights one. These were reflected onto the wet road surface. Yes, I had my camera, sadly no tripod, but I was not going to let the opportunity go by, so I pulled over to the side of the road and took some shots. It was raining quite a bit so I didnt venture out of the car, and just shot through the windscreen, probably the cause of the bluish tint. Yes, they’re grainy, and not great images, but they confirmed the fact that shooting in the rain around twilight can create some great shooting opportunities, and another learning opportunity too. There is just about enough light, the car lights are all on, and the wet road creates interestng reflections.

Todays images are some of the shots I took…………..the journey continues…………

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