early spring??……….

I wrote in a previous post about the wonderful weather we have been having in what is normally our winter season. Yes, there have been cold and wet days, which is very characteristic of our winter, however its been few and far between. Some people you talk to say its normal, but somehow I dont recall there being so many good day’s in any winter. The negative of all this good weather is that we have not had anywhere near the amount of rain we normally have in the winter season. The obvious consequence of this is likely to be water restrictions :-(.

The beginning of September is often referred to as the beginning of spring. I was walking out of the driveway the other day when I noticed the sun just highlighting what looked like pretty new leaves on the huge oak tree in our street. Is this a sign of early spring? I’m afraid I dont know, I’m a self -confessed unclued up on birds and trees person, so I wouldnt ask me :-). Nevertheless the sight of these crisp green leaves immediately made me think of Spring. Perhaps this is when Oak trees start to show their new leaves, two weeks before the start of spring, pehaps not, I wouldnt know. Either way it was a pretty sight, and fortunately the camera was close at hand :-), so I could capture a few images.  The journey continues……………………………

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