sunset glow………..

There have been a few posts about the Sea Point promenade, a pedestrian walkway which winds its way along the Atlantic Seaboard, literally down the road from the City Centre. One of the earlier posts featured some statues that were introduced as an experiment on this Promenade, these were due for removal in June, though a decision has been taken to leave them in place, which is absolutely great, because they so belong there. Other posts have been about sunsets mostly, taken from the beaches below the promenade, so today I wanted to include some images that show what the promenade looks like looking from the sea.Theyre not exactly images that were taken from the sea, but rather from a point on the promenade where you can look back at the buildings and the mountain behind. Of course the images were also taken around sunset, so the glow of the sunset is reflected off the buildings.

The journey continues………………………………………

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