light trails…..

Staying with the theme of yesterdays blog about the wheel of excellence that was visiting our City, considering it features in the background of todays images.

I had read a few articles about shooting light trails and could never decide which was a suitable location to try it out. The articles were unanimous in that there needs be something recognisable, or some feature of interest in the shot, as the lights need a context to be placed into. So I figured the moving wheel in the background would do the trick perfectly. I guess I hadn’t anticipated that a slower shutter speed which was necessary to capture the light trails from cars, would probably be too slow for the wheel and give the impression that the wheel was spinning a lot faster than it actually is. But, that’s the benefit of experiments, they provide learning opportunities to understand how a shot would actually work out.

So todays images are some taken during the experiment, unfortunately the wheel is no longer here, to continue the experiment, but I suppose for me, its was not so much about perfecting the shot, and more about learning from the experience. The journey continues………………………………………………………………  

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