Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

When I saw todays photo challenge topic, I immediately wanted to do something unconventional, and started thinking about the image I could use to depict this unconventional approach.

The Queen Mary 2, probably one of the biggest passenger ships in the World, visited Cape Town earlier this year, unfortunately I didnt get to see her enter the Port of Cape Town, but I was fortunate enough to be at the Port Entrance when she left. The ship is absolutely huge, and the bystanders waving friends and family goodbye were dwarfed by its size. Due to its size, it became necesary to turn the ship around in the basin, assisted by the tugs, before she could sail off on her own. 

Being the main entrance to the port, it can get quite busy at times, just waiting for the Queen Mary to get underway, I watched a huge container ship leave through the sea entrance.

So my unconventional entry is about these ships leaving through the “entrance” of the port of Cape Town, I guess you could use a bit of poetic licence and say they were actually entering the open sea through this entrance, strangely enough once these two ships passed through the entrance and sailed on, a sense of calm permeated the place……………..The journey continues…………….   

So todays images are of these ships and their passage through the port “entrance”

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

  1. QM2 is a big ship and when I see them up close I always wonder how they don’t topple over. Same with container ships. I remember the port at Cape Town, took some photographs in the area when I was on a business trip a few years back….

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