double take………………….

Winter is the rainy season for the Western Cape, somehow this year it feels like somebody forgot to tell the rain that it needs to spend some time here. Winters can also get quite intense here, though this hasn’t been the case this year. Sure we do have nice weather during winter, but its more of casual relief from the wintry weather, these really nice days are sometimes referred to as “secret season”. This year it seems the tables have been turned, and we have “secret season” for most of the winter with a few days of “winter weather” thrown in. Of course, I’m probably exaggerating a little, but it certainly feels that way. This changed weather pattern has had quite drastic impact on our rainfall, and come summer, we are probably going to have to deal with water restrictions.

This situation obviously  makes you more aware whenever there is rainfall, ok, maybe it has made me more aware of when it rains, and of course now that I’m always travelling with my camera, I’m looking for shooting opportunities. So a few weeks ago, I was travelling back into the City, fortunately as a passenger, when the heavens opened up, and there was a mighty downpour. The roads were wet, and the afternoon light created some nice reflections, so I took some shots through the windscreen. As I looked around, for other shots, I noticed a rainbow out of my side window, at first I thought I was seeing double, because there were two rainbows!! They say that lightning doesnt strike twice in the same place, not sure if that applies to rainbows though :-). I don’t recall ever having seen two rainbows so perfectly parallel to one another. So, I braved the rain, tried to protect the camera from getting wet, as I opened the window to try to shoot it. There was’nt too much opportunity to worry about composition and correct exposure, I just wanted to take the shots before they disappeared.

As it turned out, they were still there when I got to an elevated position in the City, to try to get a better perspective. Both were still visible though one a lot less distinct than earlier. As I was moving around looking at different angles to try to take the shots, this guy with an “Everysun” umbrella arrived completely on cue,  adding some foreground interest and scale to the shot. Just as well I had the camera with…………………………………… The Journey continues……………………………………………..

Todays images are of the rain, the rainbow, and the umbrella dude 🙂 here’s hoping for some more rain soon……..


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