more wave action…………..

A couple of days ago, I started with a blog about wind and waves, it was meant to be a series of blogs that were really focusing on waves generally. Waves, the ones generated by the sea 🙂 So, yesterday, this blog was paused for a moment to pay tribute to the Women of the world. It was Womens Day in South Africa, it is an annual official public holiday. Sadly enough, I was at one of our prestige shopping centres yesterday, and everywhere you looked Women were working! How unfortunate, one day in the year dedicated to Women, yet many of them actually dont have the luxury to get the day off 😦

So to carry on the series about waves, I have chosen some images of the sea at high tide, no radical winds confronting the waves like the post of a few days ago, just waves thundering their way to the shore crashing onto rocks along the way, in some instances not really reaching the shore but perhap crashing into a retaining wall, forming the edge of the shoreline.

I guess by now you would have figured how much I enjoy shooting the sea, coastline, waves etc under different conditions. Todays images fall into that category……………..The journey continues ……………………………….

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