flying into the sunset…………

I am often down on the beachfront around sunset, either taking a gentle stroll along the Promenade just taking in the atmosphere, together with all the other strollers, joggers, parents with prams, parents with kids and others from across the age spectrum. Its a wonderful time of the day, and seems to attract all thse people to the beachfront. Not too long ago, I too was just like many of the others, just walking along taking it all in. Perhaps a more energetic walk than just ambling along, but a walk nevertheless. Recently, though, this has changed, because I am always with camera, and being with camera means stopping to take shots along the way. You can well imagine that at sunset, there is more stopping than walking 🙂

I have previously written about how walking around with a camera has made me more observant of whats going on, thats not to say that people without a camera are not observant, but just to say that I’ve noticed I have become more observant.

So, have you ever noticed the behaviour of birds as sunset approaches. My observation is that they just seem to be more hypercative as it gets closer to sunset. They seem to fly around in formation, almost like they’re being controlled by someone remotely. The movement is very pronounced with dives, swoops and steep climbs, I know, sounds like an aerobics display. I have never been able to figure out if its excitement or some sort of anxious behaviour. Somehow all of this plays out almost directly on the axis of the sunset. But, I suppose that depends on where you’re standing :-). The high pitched squealing suggests excitement, but hey! I’ve confessed before that what I know about birds and trees is dangerous. 🙂 So dont take my word for it. Next time you’re somewhere around the time of sunset, take a look out for what  the birds are doing,  and you’ll probably see what I’m talking about.

Today’s images are very similar to one another, obviously taken almost in sequence of one another, but just serve to demonstrate what I’m talking about…….The journey continues…………………..   


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