Weekly Photo Challenge : Mountains


When I saw the topic for this weeks challenge, I immediately thought of one of my previous posts – vote for Table mountain, yes, its true, its Table Mountain, and not mountains, but I figured you guys will cut me some slack considering its all for a good cause and allow me some latitude to market our wonderful Mountain 🙂

The thing is, is that Table Mountain has been shortlisted as one of the official 28 finalists of the new 7 wonders of nature in the world. Pretty cool, wouldnt you say and I have the privelage of living at the foothills of this very Mountain. It has been declared a World Heritage site and stands proudly over a vibrant and exciting city. Almost anybody that has been here will attest to that.

So whats the voting about? well, obviousy to become one of the sevven it needs to be voted in as such. Thats where you and  I come in, I need you to vote for our Mountain. I have added a button on the sidebar of my blog that you can follow to where you can vote. Every vote counts, and we will be very grateful to have yours. November 11 2011 is when the winner is announced. Voting can be done on the new 7wonders.com website or by just clicking the button on my blog, which takes you to the site. Table Mountain  thanks you in anticipation of that vote :-)……………………………………………..the journey continues……….

You can see the original post here https://4otomo.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/vote-for-table-mountain/ so please check it out if you like.

In keeping with the challenge, todays images are of different views of the mountain …

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Mountains

  1. Great all-round shots. Brings back good memories – in my youth I climbed the face below the cable car… Good times. Thanks for the beautiful pics of our amazing country…

  2. OMG!!! What a beautiful collection you’ve got here! They’re gorgeous! And it makes me miss Southern Africa, so much! Thanks for coming by my blog and thanks for sharing my passion for the unique African landscape, in special, the Table Top Mountain!!! Your pics are amazing, congratulations! Cheers from Brazil (for now, until sent elsewhere…) 😮

  3. Love all of these shots!! The first and last images especially — the fog in the last one is gorgeous, and I love the people and context provided in the first photo. These really are stunning shots, and I love the interpretation of the prompt.


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