beam me up scotty……..:-)

Yesterdays post was still very fresh in my mind as I was driving to where I was working this morning. I find the drama of light punching through clouds quite dramatic and as I mentioned yesterday, almost surreal. I’m aware that it may be a bit mundane or pretty ordinary for some people, but I suppose I belong to the lot that are actually amazed at seeing the spectacle.

Its been a while since I started travelling with my camera, some of you may have read the blog describing why you should always have your camera. And obviously there have been occasions when I have not shot anything even though I had the camera with, undoubtedly there were situations when I wished I did, and I didnt!! So this morning, was one of those moments when you kind of pat yourself on the back and smile, just knowing that the decision to carry the camera around was the right one.

So, I drove over the crest of a hill in an area called District Six, it is an area that has been literally cleared of a vibrant community during the Apartheid era in this country. Families that lived in harmony were forcefully moved out to the Cape Flats, and all the homes were bulldozed to the ground. Imagaine a highly dense residential neighbourhood, just completely obliterated by a very unjust system. But, that was then, and this is now, our country is free from the shackles of apartheid, and thanks to the land restitution process, new homes are being built where they had once stood originally, and the descendants of the uprooted communities are getting an opportunity to return to their origins.

As I looked over this almost desolate area, I noticed the shafts of light punching through the clouds, and for a moment it reminded of the “beam me up scotty” phrase from star trek was it? Seriously though it could just have been rays of abundance being showered in the vicinity. I suppose one could find all sorts of metaphorical explanations if you wanted to.  I’m a simple chap, and for me, for now, it was enough to have the opportunity to photograph the moment. Someday I’d like to see if more of the tonal range can be captured using HDR, but I guess that is to come later in this journey. For now, the journey continues.

Look out for Nelsons buddies, hanging out on the lightpole, perhaps it was Nelson himself just observing moments along my journey 🙂

Todays images are what I saw when I got to the crest of the hill…………………………….

4 thoughts on “beam me up scotty……..:-)

  1. That’s crazy good! One of my favorite things to see. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so pronuned. BTW it wasn’t from Star Wars- I think that’s Star Trek. Love it either way- I probably would have thought of the same thing.

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