wave meets rock………….

Those of you who have read some of my previous blogs would have noticed that many of my beach /sea/coastline shots always include images of the waves, either moments before it breaks on the shore or at the crest of the wave, or just the foamy water churning along the surface. There is always a dramatic moment I would have seen before I decide to take a shot, either something caught my attention, something I noticed, something that felt like it was worth trying to freeze in the moment. And, I guess all my attempts at that are really in pursuit of trying to capture that moment that made me want to take the shot. Often it happens once and never again in the same way, sometimes, it’s just because of a receding tide, sometimes because of an incoming tide. More often than not, I havent really managed to get what I was trying to capture, perhaps with enough practice, I’ll eventually get there. 

Similarly, I have also tried to shoot moving water to achieve a misty sort of blurred effect. More often than not, it’s too bright to be able to slow the shutter down enough to capture some motion. I’ve been successful a few times with this around sunrise and sunset, though not entirely satisfied with the result.  But, I persevere, and watch this space, one days when you least expect it, pow! it will be there, a great image, with exactly what I want to show captured for all to see :-):-) 

Fisherman’s Beach with its not too hectic wave action, provided some opportunities to try to freeze the moment of wave impact on the rocks, or just try to get a blur on the water surface by slowing down the shutter as much as possible. These are some of my attempts at it……………..The journey continues……………………………………………. 

8 thoughts on “wave meets rock………….

  1. The second to last photo is awesome, I love the shape the water makes as it splashes up behind the rock. Really cool photo, I’m always impressed when people can capture water so elegantly.


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