Fishermans Beach……..really??

The first time I went to Fishermans Beach, I didn’t know that it was called that, so when I stumbled upon the sign that said so, you have to wonder how come it got its name? Admittedly, I havent been there too many times, but the few times I have been, I’ve never seen a single fisherman out there. Sure I’ve seen swimmers, ranging from those that wade in not much further than the water’s edge, I’ve seen children playing in the water with a supervisory glance from parents, and others obviously excellent swimmers that just seem be able to keep moving further and further into the ocean. The False Bay Coastline is understandably calmer than its Atlantic Seaboard counterpart, or the coastline at Cape point as it emerges beyond the point.

So from the high intensity action of Blouberg and the kite/wind surfers, to these relatively flat calmer waters….ok! when the south ester is not blowing , its calmer 🙂 Well, on the last occasion that I was there, I noticed a few solo yachts sail past and with time the frequency increased and there were a few more. It appeared to be a regatta of some sort that was finishing in Simonstown. The colourful boats on the really blue/turquoise water created a perfect contrast. There was even a sole rower in a rowing boat, getting in his morning rowing exercise.All of it was absolutely amazing and colourful, just one observation though…there wasn’t a single fisherman on Fishermans Beach :-)…..The journey continues ……………………………………………..

Todays images are of the watersports activities……….none of a fisherman I’m afraid 🙂

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