road,beach,sea,sky……….and clouds

Having always lived in a coastal city, I suppose I always took it for granted that access to the sea is a given. We are extremely fortunate to also have a mountain literally in the middle of our city, so we probably taken even more for granted. Add to this the fact that we rae located at the South Western corner of the African continent and it wouldnt take a nuclear scientist to figure out that we have a lot of coastline.This combination, provides numerous opportunities that can accommodate whatever the weather happens to be doing. So if the wind is blowing on one side of the mountain, theres a good chance the other side is sheltered and so on. If however the weather is fine everywhere then you’ll probably find it a bit difficult making a decision about where to go :-).

I suppose this would apply to other dwellers in coastal cities, but sometimes there are other factors that contribute to reducing the number of these opportunities. Sometimes there is high density development along coastal areas, sometimes the beach is not accessible due to landscape, perhaps there are cliffs with the ocean at the bottom of them, sometimes the sea is too rough and there isnt even a beach. Fortunately, we dont have too many of those issues, yes, we do have them, but not too many, or if you look at it another way, yes, we do have them, but we also have many accessible beaches that have been spared the curse of overdevelopment and cutting off access to the sea.

One such beach is Fishermans beach on the way to Cape Point, about half and hour out of the City, it is completely accessible. Imagine being able to park your car alongside the road, walk across the pavement and literally arrive on the beach. Which brings me to the subject of todays blog, road,beach,sea and sky would be enough, but not too long ago, when I arrived there, I was met by these amazing clouds literally filling the sky, wonderful patterns merging with the sea on the distant horizon, hence my including the word in the subject.

Todays images give you the visual part of the story, with the image from the road, and the panorama of the beach, to the others which just give you an idea of what that day was like.

The journey continues…………………………………………………..

7 thoughts on “road,beach,sea,sky……….and clouds

  1. Great photos! Your keen eye for beauty and nature’s majesty is captured essentially in your photos. I’m jealous of your surroundings. I long for the days that I could go on a roadtrip with such a scenery in the background. Thanks for sharing!

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