anything fresher………… still swimming..

We’re still very much in Kalk Bay Harbour with todays post. We’ve had the sunrise, and we’ve made a whole lot of observatons along the way. We’ve seen the early morning train, we’ve witnessed the empty harbour after most of the boats had left, we’ve watched the “latecomers” leave on another little boat to join the others. We’ve talked about the few fishermen that were on the harbour wall just before sunset, and we’ve heard about the others arriving to join them. It wasnt long before a team of cleaners arrived and started sweeping and cleaning the “trading area” which is really a few really weary concrete tops supported on brick walls, some finished with tiles and others with some exposed stone chips. All positioned under a metal roofed structure that is open to the elements on all sides. It was still pretty quiet out there, but there was a definite increase in the amount of activity. You can just imagine someone asking all this activity, in preparation for what?? 

Well, obviously for all the fish that will be coming back on the fishing boats that went out to sea before sunrise. They have to come back at some stage, perhaps fully laden with fish which would need to be dispensed off somehow. Its probably safe to assume that the fisherman on the sea wall will take home their catch for distribution amongst family and friends, maybe sell of one or two to the corner cafe, but on a much smaller scale – no pun intended 🙂 :-). The boats on the other hand will be coming back with larger quantities.

I’ve never figured out if all the fish that comes back gets sold in the ‘trading area” or if there are other pre-arranged outlets. I refer to the “trading area” but have no clue what its actually called, but its this space under cover, which forms the area where the arriving fish is displayed for customers wanting to buy fresh fish. Its as if there is some signal that goes off announcing the arrival of the boats, because no soon as they arrive back with the catch, the place is a hive of activity with buyers and a few seagulls eager to relieve the fishermen of their catch. It all appears pretty informal,  but just seems to work like clockwork, choose the fish you want, pay an extremely reasonable sum for it, and almost without promptng, someone providing a cleaning and filleting service relieves you of the fish, while requesting exactly how you would like it carved up. This is done with the surgical precision and within moments you have your perfectly fresh fish, cleaned, filleted and ready for you to “braai” or barbecue or cook however you prefer I suppose. Fresher than that, is probably still swimming somewhere out there 🙂

Cape Snoek is quite a popular fish and is very frequetly available here. One way to preserve it if not eaten fresh is to salt and wind dry the fish. Occasionally you will see this being done at Kalk Bay, with fish hung up to dry on ropes straddling the steel roof structure of the trading area. ……………………………….The journey continues………………….

Toadys images are a continuation of the images after sunrise, with a few images of the drying snoek taken on a previous occasion.

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