of fishing boats and fishermen………………

We continue our little sojourn in Kalk Bay. The harbour has been operational for a long time having been used for a short time in the 1800 as a base for whaling operations. Thankfully, that didnt last too long. Shortly after that it started being used as a harbour for fishing boats departing to enjoy the favourable fishing on the False Bay coast. When you arrive there, its not difficult to see this is not a recently built harbour, everything seems to just have that timeless appeal. Wooden fishing boats may have something to do with this. The scale of this harbour is quite fascinating, it is actually quite small, though it seems to have quite a few boats, maybe that has something to do with the fact that the boats are not too big themselves.

The harbour wall too has this timeless appearance, almost announcing that it has been there for a very long time. Somehow there is always activity there, fisherman catching fish, walkers having a stroll, and peering into the fishermans buckets, kids running up and down, and occasionally stopping to look at the seals playing in the water. The seals tend to come into the harbour often, looking for offcuts from fish being cleaned by returning fishermen.

Fishing boats or maybe boats generally are often used as a subject by photographers, perhaps its got something to do with the bright colours, maybe its all the ropes and accessories, it’s probably got a lot to do with the interesting reflections when the light is right. Whatever it is, Photographers dont seem to miss the opportunity to capture something when boats are around. So, I was not very different, even though I was there to shoot the sunrise, I could not ignore the opportunity to shoot the boats that happened to be in the harbour, while the light quality was so good. Almost on cue, one little boat with what looked like 4 crew members on board started making its way out of the harbour, momentarily I wondered if there was any space left to load any fish on that boat, but I knew they probably had it well under control 🙂

In order to shoot the boats, I had to move along the harbour wall moving and looking away from the sunrise. Once again, I turned around, this time to look at what the sunrise was doing and noticed that by now there were quite a few fisherman on the harbour wall and they were perfectly silhouetted against the backlit sky, presenting another wonderful photo opportunity. …………………………………the journey continues………………………………………

so todays images are of ..fishing boats and fishermen……………………………

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