remember to look behind you…………

Those of you that managed to get a look at my post of yesterday will know it was about this amazing sunrise that I was fortunate enough to shoot at Kalk Bay. So Kalk Bay is this quaint little harbour literally just a short distance south of Muizenberg. I talked about this little harbour being wedged between the mountainside and the sea, actually, there’s a little more in between those two, there’s a railway line as well as what is still known as Main Road. A road which actually starts in the City Centre and literally connects all the suburbs on the southern side from Woodstock to Simonstown and beyond, like pearls on a necklace. I guess a long time ago, before the motorway was constructed, this was the only way to travel along this route. The portion of this road between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay has been under construction since before the World Cup and seems to be going on for eternity. But, when it’s all done, the waiting will soon be forgotten.

The railway line which literally straddles the coastline for much of the route between Muizenberg and Simonstown, is probably one of the most scenic in the Peninsula. Well, I used the word almost, I’m going easy on the superlatives 🙂 :-). And while some of the coaches may be battered and bruised, and well decorated with graffiti, the sight of a train winding its way along this coastline never fails conjure up feelings of being on a travelling adventure of some sort…..ok! well its like that for the traveller in me 🙂

I had already got to the position I wanted, camera and tripod in hand, and got busy composing and setting up my camera to capture the images I wanted. It wasnt long before I heard the approaching train, remember this was quite early in the morning, being relatively quiet, it was not difficult to miss. So I looked up momentarily, and noticed that as the train snaked its way along the tracks, and it passed through the path of the rising sun, and reflected the rays back onto the water. As the train got closer, I watched it a bit longer, and before long it was alongside me heading off into the distance.

Now, as I progress along this journey, I’ve been reading a bit of stuff written by other Photographers, and many of them say similar things. You know, rule of thirds, apertures, depth of field, shutter speed, lots of stuff……….but a lot of them also say remember to look behind you. I guess the train was prompting me to do just that, by now I had almost turned around and noticed how the light was falling onto the harbour behind me, and how daylight was making its presence in the distance. So I turned my camera to capture a few shots on the other side. Something I will have to remember in future ………….The journey continues………….

Todays images are some of what I saw when I looked behind me………….. 

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