Morning has broken…………………

I wondered what Muizenberg Beach must be like when there are no surfers, or swimmers, or parents with teenagers and toddlers, and how it would look when it was like that. It just seems to always be a hive of activity, even finding a parking feels like you’re in the middle of a city during business hours…not a single parking bay available. I knew that this was probably at night, and what would be the point really arriving there at night, with minimal visibility. Perhaps at full moon it my be a bit lit up. Logically, sunrise would probably be the best time, there will be enough light, or it would be improving, and it was unlikely that there will be too many people.

So on one morning not too long ago, I decided to get up early enough so I could catch the sunrise at Muizenberg. I live a good 30 km away so timing was essential. I got there before sunrise, somehow it seemed like nobody told the sun :-), I guess to be more accurate, nobody told the clouds to stay out-of-the-way. There was quite a cloud bank so the rising sun wa completely concealed. I figured I was already there, fortunately with a flask of tea and some biscuits :-). So I poured my self a tea and thought I would just hang around for a bit to see what happened. There were a few surfers arriving for a surf a few people walking their dogs, not to mention the early morning jogger.  It wasnt long before the sun had risen enough to illuminate the place, resulting in some wonderful reflections on the wet sand.Morning had broken………….the journey continues….

I didn’t get a chance to finish off the tea I poured, as I wanted to capture those moments before they just metamorphosised into a new day………these were some of those moments…………………………..

2 thoughts on “Morning has broken…………………

  1. Hi Mizz, Thank you……painted with light! adjusted some light levels in Lightroom……….nothing more…it is very much like what it was when I shot it.

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