Winter – blue skies, surfing, swimming, fishing ?

We are supposedly in the midst of winter, so if you were a tourist and arrived here with your winter woolies in the last few days, you’d be wondering if perhaps, somehow, the pilot of your aircraft had punched in the wrong flight plan. We’ve had a wonderful spell of amazing weather. I’m talking blue skies, wonderful calm conditions devoid of any wind, gentle waves, and lovely warm weather.

South of the Cape Town City Centre is Muizenberg, a little village on the coastline, which has a nice wide shore with gentle waves rolling in.. Perfect conditions for surfers to learn the ropes. Now, this spot is generally jam packed in Summer, as you can imagine.

There is a walk that hugs the coastline between Muizenberg and St James the next village, which I had been wanting to do for a while. I figured today, was a s good as any to check it out. When I got there, I noticed, that almost everybody else had the same idea :-). There was the surfing school having a lesson for beginners, toddlers with parents wading in the water, fisherman patiently waiting for the next bite, people just hanging out on the beach, picknicking, reading, just enjoying the good weather. Of course there were many others doing the walk too, along the seaside with the train tracks alongside. All along the way there are tunnels below the railtracks which connect you to the other side. The walk goes along the seaside until it reaches the little village of St James with its colourful changerooms reflecting into the tidal pool. There too, families were out enjoying the wonderful weather. Thats the upside, the downside is that we have winter rainfall, and to date we have not had anywhere near enough rainfall at this stage of the winter season. So, roll on rain clouds, we need you too…………..The journey continues………………………….

Todays images are of moments along the walk…………………… 

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