just add wind and waves……………..

The recent posts have touched on various aspects of the Cape Point Nature reserve situated about 60km from the city centre of Cape Town. As we’ve seen in these posts the area offers a plethora of activities ranging from walks, hiking trails, swimming (in tidal pools and in the open sea in areas), angling and diving, as well as game, bird and whale watching. There are also a few Historical monuments and buildings, and the lighthouses that featured in an earlier post. There are shipwrecks, as well as viewing sites throughout the park. From my perspective these activities range from pretty relaxed to mildly energetic.

If you happen to be someone who requires more of an adrenalin rush, then you could also try your hand at wind surfing or kite surfing. We’re not talking a placid lake here, we’re talking pretty churned up water, and some serious winds. The prevailing wind in the Western Cape is the South Easter and it blows pretty consistently, though sometimes reaching up to gale force. The South Easter tends to generate favourable swells for kite and wind surfing at Platboom, one of the beaches within the Cape Point reserve. On windy days, there is a colourful spectacle out there, with a large number of these wetsuit clad enthusiasts, charging along the water powered by the wind. The colourful sails and kites billowing in the wind, and it is not uncommon to see them being completely lifted out of the water by what I would imagine to be at least 3 metres, and perform an acrobatic stunt while airborne, before executing a perfect landing on the water and charging off along the water again. The water out here is pretty cold so I guess the wet suit is a necessity. The surrounding landscape, clear water and the remoteness make it a perfect location for this activity. There is an area not far from here where a big wave contest is held once a year, surfers are known to take on 30 ft waves in the quest to become the winner of the Big Wave Africa Challenge. But to each their own, I’m very comfortable on terra firma, thank you 🙂 The journey continues ………………………………………………….. 

Todays images are of one of my visits to Platboom beach………..

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