Most powerful lighthouse on South African coastline

Yesterdays blog was about Cape Point, and today we continue at the same venue. Those of you that have read some of my previous blogs, probably had a little smile on your face when you read the title of todays blog, and it would be perfectly understandable, Yep! The most powerful lighthouse in South Africa. Well, what can I say? another superlative :-), it’s as South African as rugby and boerewors :-), and there’s no getting away from it. But I suppose, in our defence, if it is the most powerful lighthouse on the South African coastline, then that’s what it is :-):-). That’s ok! you don’t have to take my word for it, just to prove that I’m not just making it up, I actually took a picture of the plaque that identifies it as such. So? is that good enough? 🙂

Now I’m not sure if this is the only place where there are two operational lighthouses at one location, but my guess would be probably one of the few in the world. The only one in South Africa, I have absolutely no idea, so I’m not going to push the superlatives any further in this post :-):-)

The first lighthouse was completed in 1860, located 238 metres above sea level.  It was a significant landmark until the invention of radar. This lighthouse served for 50 years, though due to its height above sea level it was often enveloped in mist and cloud, rendering it useless to the mariners that it served. So a new lighthouse was commissioned and was completed in 1919. Only the base of the original tower remains, and is currently being used as the central monitoring point for all the lighthouses in South Africa. The area around the old lighthouse is a viewing platform that is accessible by a gentle walk or funicular ride to an intermediate level, wherefrom, there are is a series of steps, errr…maybe a few more than a series of steps 🙂 that take you up to the platform. There is a signpost that indicates distances to popular destinations around the world, and constantly, tourists and locals can be seen being photographed at the sign with the incredible view as a backdrop  

The second lighthouse, the most powerful on the South African coastline, (this is true :-)), is substantially lower at 87 metres above sea level, and comprises a square masonry tower onto which is mounted the revolving light, that emits 3 flashes every 30 seconds with a candlepower of approximately 10 000 000 DC. This lighthouse was electrified in 1936. This new lighthouse is not visible from the viewing platform, however it can be viewed from another platform much lower down. This platform is easily accessed along a scenic route which follows a descending narrow path with some steps cut into a steep cliff with waves crashing at the bottom. The journey continues……………………………………

Todays images are of the two lighthouses and the area around them

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