Cape Point – the other southernmost point of Africa………

Yesterdays blog was about Fynbos and its significance in the Floral Kingdom of the Cape, and how the Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the six in the world. Remember all the superlatives that described this incredible plant and how it is only found in the Cape Province. Considering the last few blogs had been in Cape Agulhas, and I mentioned the fact that it was officially the southernmost point of Africa. Until recently, this was not a very widely publicised fact. Not in a way that it was not published or disputed or concealed or anything along those lines, it kinda never seemed to default to being the place that was referred to as the southernmost point of Africa. But, this has changed and slowly Cape Agulhas is starting to enjoy more publicity regarding the fact that it is indeed the southernmost point.

Cape Point, which is at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, is a mere 60km from the City Centre, that can be accessed via wonderfully scenic routes, that offer one the option of driving along the coastline on either side of the mountain. These routes converge at the  gates of the Cape Point Precinct, which is within the Table Mountain National park, you quickly discover that you are travelling along a thin sliver of land which in certain spots allows you to see ocean on both sides. The road continues until it gets to the parking area of what is referred to as Cape Point. Once again the flora is an abundance of fynbos, which was so prevalent at Agulhas, 7 750 hectares in this case. The area is also home to buck, baboon, cape mountain zebra and 250 species of birds.

The thin sliver of land terminates in 200m high sheer cliffs, with rugged rocks that look like works of art with bird droppings. There is a walking route up a steep ramp which takes you to a viewing point at the lighthouse. Those that are too weary from the 60km drive, can take a ride to the top in a funicular.

As mentioned in a previous blog, Cape Point is the most Southwestern point in Africa, though for a long time it was casually referred to as the southernmost point. The access from the City along scenic routes, with numerous touristic stopovers along the way, make it a convenient day trip for tourists. It is extremely popular for this reason, and there is even a plaque declaring “Cape of Good Hope” as the most southwestern point of the southern Hemisphere, a compulsory “kodak” moment for the numerous visitors the park receives. The area where the plaque is located is continually populated with cars and buses ferrying the eager visitors who queue for an opportunity to have a souvenir picture taken at the spot. The journey continues…………………………………………….

Today’s images are from within the Nature reserve


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