car lights shine only in a straight line………….. :-)

This recent excursion to the Agulhas region with the blog, has put me into a kindof holiday mood 🙂 and I started become nostalgic about some of the holidays I had been on previously. I think I did mention somewhere that I’m an eternal traveller, but with one slight problem, according to me, I just dont do it enough :-). So I figured, why not do some armchair travelling instead, its also a kind of journey after all.

So, here we go, this time we are heading overseas, yep! “pesheya” as they would say in Zulu (one of the local languages), so fasten your seatbelts :-). We’re heading to the Alpujarras, “oh!no! there he goes again heading off to some remote place again” I can hear you exclaim :-). Well, fortunately, we have our good friend Google Earth to show the way to those of you that dont know, and are interested to know. Alpujarras is a region of Andalucia in Southern Spain and is situated east of Granada nestled below the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The town we are heading to first is Lanjaron, which is kindof a gateway to the region, well, maybe not, but for me it was. I had the privelage to visit this wonderful area a few years ago. Incredibly scenic and tranquil.

South Africa is a large country and travel between cities by road is much faster than most places in the world. Probably because we have the space and the road infrastructure connecting the major cities is relatively good. So,  when travelling, one often makes the mistake of misjudging the amount of time it takes to travel distances. Such was the case on the trip to the Alpujarras. Left Granada in the late afternoon, and headed towards Pampaneira which is less than a hundred kilometres away, no problem, forty five minutes, tops :-). All well and good bar a few small minor details 🙂 Well, firstly there was stacks of traffic leaving Granada, everybody else who was still working, was heading home 🙂 This was mid winter so the sun sets reasonably early!!  Driving is one the right hand side, in a left hand drive car, something I was not entirely familiar with, everything is the other way round here!!. Neverthless, I was positive, no problems, we’ll get there pretty soon. The motorway was a good opportunity to become familiar driving on the “opposite” side :-), however, once the road veered off into the mountain as it became increasingly darker another little detail became very apparrent… lights shine only in a straight line 🙂 and negotiating hairpin bends on a road you’re not familiar with, that has signage in a language you dont understand can be seriously difficult. Visulaise this you’re cruising along at 60 km an hour, and there is a hairpin bend sign ahead, so you slow down to negotiate the bend, and as you enter the bend the lights are shining straight ahead onto an olive tree plantation and theres no road ahead anymore 🙂 it just happens to veer away to your left 🙂  Well, needless to say I decided that Lanjaron was going to be the pitstop until daylight resumed.

The landscape is pretty steep, with numerous terraces and roads cut into the contours. As Density of buildings is very high. I read that the area of the Alpujarras covers 2500 km and contains 40 villages only six of which exceeds 200 inhabitants…So, this is about the beginning of my visit to the area…the journey continues…………………..  

Todays images are of the Lanjaron region, with the steep slopes, contours, winding roads, olive tree plantations, roadside stalls, dense villages and snow capped mountan tops. All these images taken with Canon G3


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