catch of the day……………….

Considering the last few posts have been in the region of Agulhas, I figured, seeing that its weekend and pretty lousy weather out here, that we just stay in the area with todays blog. After all its nice and warm inside, who wants to venture out into the cold and miserable weather to get to another place 🙂 I know, thats probably more relevant to me than to some of you out there who may be in the midst of summer :-). But, I’m sure you understand 🙂 If you’re new to my blog and wondering what I’m going on about, you probably need to read maybe the last two blogs to bring it all into context. Oh! dont misunderstand me, I’d like you to read all the previous blogs, though for continuity in this blog, reading the last two would be helpful.

 The thing about nice and warm is that it conjures up that laid back, sort of relaxed, stressless, no pressure, take your time kinda feeling. That kindof sums up the feeling when you arrive in Stuisbaai or even the neighbouring Cape Agulhas. The rural environment is very evident.  The cars just seem to drive a lot slower, the shops are a lot less busy and a lot more casual, everybody seems to know one another, everybody else looks like they’re on holiday, people just have that really rural laid back feeling about everything theyre doing, the good thing about that is that it is completely contagious :-). In an instant you;re completely absorbed by that laid back sort of feeliing, somehow the consequences of the day befores stressful meeting just seem to disappear…….I’m not sure what exactly drives the economy of this place, though it wouldnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that the fishing industry plays an important part in it. Signs along the roadside announce the availablity of fresh fish for those wanting to consume, and bait and fishing gear for those wanting to fish. An excursion through the little harbour brings it all into perspective, not only a whole bunch onf fishing boats, anchored in the harbour, but numerous little extremely well used boats just parked on the quayside ready to venture off for the next catch. The short harbour wall had an enthusiatic group of fisherman and women, including boys and girls of all ages, in pursuit of their next catch. Children seemed to be learning the tricks of the trade, very well, with numerous catches happening in the short time I stood there. Everybody seemed to completely absorbed in the act of either putting a hook onto the line, or loading the next lot of bait, waiting for the next bite, or in the process of hauling out the next catch. It just looked so simple, cast the line into the water, wait a few minutes, catch the fish, reel it in, voila….into the bucket, and in a few minutes they were ready to start the process gain. Perhaps they’re just seasoned operators and it appeared to be lot simpler than it actually is. Maybe its just that fishing isn’t really something for me :-), or that its something I have yet to discover.  It was amazing to watch the youngsters confidently remove a fish too little for consumption and set it free, and feeling completely content about having done just that. Then just calling out to one of the adults on hand, to just load a fresh piece of bait, so they could continue the quest of trying to land the “big one”. For those that built up an appetite just witnessing the proceedings, there was also a restaurant with the notice board announcing the days special “catch of the day” fresh from the sea…………………..the journey continues………………………………. 🙂

Which brings me to todays images, of boats and fishermen/women/children………….

6 thoughts on “catch of the day……………….

  1. I love boat photos and this set really makes me nostalgic for living near them, which I hope to be able to do again within the years. It’s also very pleasant to read such good writing. Cheers, Marian

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