shore….ly the longest……..

It appears that South Africans have a tendency to always use superlatives to describe South African places, food, weather, beaches, you name it, we always seem to have some or other extreme of it. Of course I, like many other South Africans was not really aware of this until some friends from outside the country pointed it out. Why is it they asked that South African’s are always referring to, the best, the worst, the tastiest, the most beautiful, the brightest, the bluest, the highest, the busiest, the trendiest, the longest, the shortest, the newest, the oldest, the ……….. list goes on forever. Once you become aware of it, it jumps out like a fire engine rushing out to fight the biggest fire 🙂 seriously though, once you’re aware of it you notice all the time. So, I figured I’d better come clean about the facts before I indulge in a superlative of my own :-).

A stones throw away from Agulhas (with the second oldest lighthouse in south africa 🙂  and the place which has probably the most shipwrecks 🙂 in the Western Cape is Struisbaai, a little fishing village. Various theories abound as to the origins of the name Struisbaai, ranging from “Strawbay” referring to the roofs of the Fishermans cottages, or from the Dutch word vogelstruis for ostrich, which is found in the region, or for the size of its beach considering the word means huge in old Nederlands. Which kind of brings me to my superlative, Struisbaai has the longest continuous stretch of white sand coastline in the Southern Hemisphere.

I had the opportunity to stroll along this beach during my visit to the region, and it does feel like it stretches on forever. The shoreline is complemented by a slightly elevated timber boardwalk which straddles the shore for a short distance until it deposits you onto the white sandy beach. The beach appears to be frequented by locals and visitors alike, some just walking along enjoying the fresh air, some families on picnics, some kids just playing about in the surf, others just sitting in a restaurant alongside taking it all in, even a single cyclist pedalling along on the compacted edge of the moist sand, not to mention the numerous seagulls looking for their next catch.

So toadys images are about some of my encounters while walking long this longest beach. The journey continues………………………………………


2 thoughts on “shore….ly the longest……..

    • Hi Eden! Thank you, welcome back. That image was completely spontaneous, I was walking along and just spotted the moment, fortunately I had the camera with me. 🙂

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