vote for table mountain………………….

I’m not originally from Cape Town, though I’ve been here long enough to call it home. So, here I am drumming up support for an amazing landmark in my City. Those of you who have read some of my recent posts would no doubt have been exposed to a few of the numerous very vibrant and exciting aspects of Cape Town. I guess the average person will say that it is likely that there are many other cities in the world that are equally vibrant and exciting. True, but probably only a few have this vibrant and exciting city cradled at the foot of a mountain. Such, is Cape Town, and the Mountain is Table Mountain. Visitors to our City encounter it by whatever means of transport they arrive in, from the air, from the ground, by train, bus, car, bicycle or on foot, it is always there looming large over the city. On clear days it can be seen by the naked eye from even beyond 50 kilometers. Over 20 million people have been ferried to the top of the mountain by the cableway that links the lower parking area to the cablecar station on the mountain. It is unlikely that any visitor to this City, does not make their way to the top, by foot or cablecar to marvel at the magnificent views of the city. 1085m at its highest point and flat as a table when viewed  from the City, it is often draped by thick white mist which is affectionately known as the tablecloth.

Table Mountain is currently one of the 28 official finalists in the running to become one of the new 7 wonders of nature. Already a World Heritage site, it is the natural home to fynbos, a unique, yet endangered, collection of shrubs and plants, and within the Table Mountain National Park lies the richest single floristic area on the planet. Some of the many admirable charcteristics that make it eligaible to deserve the accolade of being of the 7 New Wonders of Nature.

So, how does it happen, well, we need your vote to pull it off!! The winner will be announced on November 11 2011 (111111). Voting can be done at new, or by just following the link on my blog. Make your mark to ensure that this amazing landmark is recognised as one of the 7 new wonders. Cape Town thanks you in anticipation of that vote :-)……………………………………………..the journey continues……….

Which brings me to todays images, some views of this magnificient landmark, truly deserving of the accolade…….

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F80, 20 sec,FL=40mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F8, 20 sec,FL=40mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F8, 30sec,FL=18mm
Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F9, 1/13 sec,FL=28mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F9, 1/10 sec, FL=18mm

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