the flip side……………

There has been a lot of discussion in the last two blogs about being prepared for any eventuality, so that you are ready to photograph anything out of the ordinary that you may stumble upon. This is not always the case as there are many times when you are aware of something that is going to happen, and specifically prepare for that shooting opportunity. So weeks before the time, the preparation begins, seeking out suitable locations to shoot from, planning what gear to take with, ensuring that the equipment is all in working order, charging the necessary batteries, almost down to planning the actual shots you want to take.                                                                Days before the scheduled date, appointments are moved around to ensure that on the day, no disruptions will arise to derail the process, even mealtimes are adjusted for the day to ensure that the planned shoot is not derailed by hunger pangs striking at the critical moment. 🙂

Such was my preparation in anticipation of the lunar eclipse that was scheduled to be visible in Southern Africa this evening. The weather forecast earlier this week predicted a cold front and substantial rain today, but I guess I was just not expecting that the foul weather would be such a party pooper :-), or maybe I just didnt want to hear of it :-). So I was steadfast in my determination that come hail or high water, I was going to photograph this Lunar eclipse. After all it is the longest Lunar Eclipse this century. The next one is scheduled for 2018!!                                                                                 When the weather turned nasty this morning, I still had hope that at the critical moment the Photography Angels would snap their fingers, say Abracadabra, and the weather  would clear up for the two hours that the eclipse was going to be visible.  There was substantial cloud cover for most of the day, with short spells of heavy rain.                                                                                                                 Earlier this evening, closer to the precision planned time of departure to one of my shooting sites, there was a lull in the weather. I saw it as a sign that all was well, and everything would just fall into place as planned. So, I ticked off the checklist and hopped into the car to head towards the rendevous point. On the way there, the rain started softly, then a little harder, followed by some serious lightning, and a black cloud decended over the direction I was travelling in. It felt like the closer I got to where I was going, the weather just got worse… :-(. Eventually, I decided that going any further was just futile, and headed back home.

Soooo……”the flip side of the story” I suppose is that despite the fact that you have a flawless plan prepared and executed, there are numerous factors outside your control, that also have to fall into place simultaneously………………the journey continues…………..

In keeping with todays lunar theme, I’m posting some images of full moon earlier this year, yep! taken from some of the vantage points I was scheduled to go to today..

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm f3.5/5.6,ISO 100,f16,1/10 sec FL=18mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm f3.5/5.6,ISO 100,f14,1/20 sec FL=170mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, f6.3,1/5 sec FL=50mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm f3.5/5.6, ISO 100,f11,5 sec FL=18mm

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