Moving beyond 2010 …..

It finally happened….the My Citi Rapid Transport system for Cape Town has become operational on both long distance and Inner City routes. The Inner city service commenced during the World Cup 2010, but was stopped shortly thereafter. The large fleet of brand new buses have been patiently awaiting the day when they would be able to ferry eager Capetonians to and from their work and leisure destinations. Lo and behold the day has arrived and almost one year to the day the service initially commenced, it is now back in operation, much to the delight of Cape Town commuters. There appears to be much support for the system which undoubtedly is reducing travelling times and commuting costs for Capetonians from all walks of life. The routes to the Waterfront through the City centre are enough to make a local feel like a tourist in their own city, by offering an opportunity to be driven around their City sitting in an elevated position and  getting a completely different perspective of the city than they are used to from a car. Reports are that buses are so well used that additional buses have to be implemented during peak hours.

Many Cities around the world are testament to the fact that an efficient Public Transport system is an absolute necessity, and Cape Town’s journey in this regard has begun.

I boarded one of these buses to the Waterfront today, and can confirm feeling like a tourist in my own City. Todays images are about the commencement of that journey, the bus stop, and an image of the interior of the bus, complete with video monitor proclaiming “Beyond 2010” Bus rapid transit system to cover the whole city….long may it live..


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