Reflections Sea, Sky and …………..

Sunset along the Sea Point coastline in our city never fails to amaze me. The setting sun brings about an array of wonderful colours, often diffused by cloud, fog rain and other climate activity. Whatever time of the year this surreal kaleidoscope is ever present at sunset. This scenic environment tends to attract all sorts of people to the Promenade, walkers, joggers, parents with kids on bicycles, lovers strolling hand in hand, families having picnics, elderly people being pushed along in wheelchairs, even homeless people. Most having a leisurely time enjoying the Public Realm. Of course there are the “working” people too, ice cream vendors on bicycles, food vendors, security people, police, street sweepers, cleaners, domestic workers and staff from nearby shops on their break. Each of them in some way or another on a journey…

I too was out there yesterday to take in the spectacle, camera in hand. Despite all this activity, there is an air of tranquility, which brings me to the topic of todays blog and image, reflections sea, sky and ………..everything else.

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