Deciding what the topic of the first blog is, is probably a common problem amongst people writing their first blog, perhaps not? I wondered about that and in the process stumbled upon the idea of Journeys. The word journey probably initially conjures up images of travelling to exotic locations, or even locally, nevertheless implying the physical process of moving from one geographic location to another. For, me in this context, it’s about journeys of different kinds, and yes, the travelling type of journey is included, though it also includes many others. So, my blog will occasionally delve into aspects of these journeys. Essentially the backbone of the blog is of my continuing journey into Photography. Clearly one that is developing over time and one that has lots of room to grow. Photography, like many of the visual arts is about the perception of the viewer, so my blog will be about showing what I see in the images I create. Please feel free to comment on anything, including the text :-). I will try to respond to posts whenever possible, though apologise in advance if I for some reason I don’t get a chance to.

I thought this was appropriate image for the journeys blog, clearing the screen for the flight ahead…taken at Cape Town Airport prior to boarding a flight…Pilot leaning out of the cockpit to clean the windscreen.

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