Weekly Photo Challenge : Serenity

My blogs been quiet for bit while I’ve been away, so this is my first post for the New Year.. Perhaps a bit late, either way, Happy New Year to all, hope its going to be a wonderful year for all of us. Thank you to all followers of this blog, and others who visit from time to time, without you, the blog would have no purpose …………..

It was 34deg C at the Kruger National Park as we drove up to this pool of water alongside the road. An absolute picture of serenity, and tranquillity, an oasis amidst the extreme heat. Many would have been tempted to just jump in and absorb it all, except would have been alert to the fact that this is a park where wild animals roam freely. Seconds later, this Hippo broke the surface of the water, had a casual glimpse around and re-immersed into the pool, reinforcing the serenity of the place.

Serenity is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week………….

……….the journey continues………….




Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone, but not forgotten

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 1918 – 2013

may his spirit live on ……forever..

gone, but not forgotten-8
gone, but not forgotten-2


gone, but not forgotten

gone, but not forgotten-4

gone, but not forgotten-7


gone, but not forgotten-5

gone, but not forgotten-3

gone, but not forgotten-9

Weekly Photo Challenge : Converge

Rising 106m above the pitch, 350m long, symbolically representing the once divided nation coming together, two arches converge into one at Durban’s 2010 World Cup Soccer Moses Mabhida Stadium. Converge is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Images of the Southern end of the twin arches are my response to the prompt.

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Travel Theme : Colourful

Colourful is the prompt of Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week on http://www.wheresmybackpack.com. Colourful parrots from Guatemala feature on her blog, so I decided to with a bird theme for my response to the prompt too :-) Here are my images of the orange breasted sunbird, completely at home amongst these flowers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Achievement

A sense of Achievement, demonstrated by Elation, joy, gratitude, tears, relief, among others were some of the emotions that I observed at the finish of this years Two Oceans Marathon. Dubbed the ” the worlds most beautiful marathon”, the 56km Ultra Marathon takes runners along some of the most scenic roads in the World. Achievement is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, images of finishers at this years race are my response to the prompt.
………….the journey continues ……………..

Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-164
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-151
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-128
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-40
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-92
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-57
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-27

Travel Theme : Arches

Ailsa’s Travel Theme prompt on http://www.wheresmybackpack.com this week is Arches, my response to her prompt is from a recent visit to the City of Modena, in Italy.
…the journey continues…………..