Travel Theme : Colourful

Colourful is the prompt of Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week on Colourful parrots from Guatemala feature on her blog, so I decided to with a bird theme for my response to the prompt too :-) Here are my images of the orange breasted sunbird, completely at home amongst these flowers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Achievement

A sense of Achievement, demonstrated by Elation, joy, gratitude, tears, relief, among others were some of the emotions that I observed at the finish of this years Two Oceans Marathon. Dubbed the ” the worlds most beautiful marathon”, the 56km Ultra Marathon takes runners along some of the most scenic roads in the World. Achievement is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, images of finishers at this years race are my response to the prompt.
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Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-164
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-151
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-128
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-40
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-92
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-57
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-27

Travel Theme : Arches

Ailsa’s Travel Theme prompt on this week is Arches, my response to her prompt is from a recent visit to the City of Modena, in Italy.
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Descent

Steady descent to a bridge crossing en route to a waterfall on hike in the vicinity of Robertson, north of Cape Town, this weekend. An abundance of Aloes, perfectly blended into the wonderful landscape. Descent is the prompt om the weekly Photo Challenge this week, images along the hike are my response to the prompt this week………
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Refraction

With not many more than 25000 residents Rheinbach is a small town 17km southwest of Bonn in Germany, despite its size, it has a reputation of being a “glass city” complete with a glass manufacturing technical school. Glass seems to be a recurrent theme in the town, even the streetside bollards have a circular glass ball mounted on top. I was strolling through the main street at night and noticed how the light refracted through these glass balls at night. Refraction is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and these images of Rheinbach are my response to the prompt…………… …………the journey continues …………

refraction-4 refraction-6 refraction refraction-5 refraction-2 refraction-3

Glimpses of – Cape Town Colour Run 2014

Dubbed the “Happiest 5k on the Planet” Cape Town’s 2014 Colour run was held yesterday in perfect weather conditions. Founded as an event in January 2012, to “promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together” The event has seen phenomenal growth hosting more than 170 events in 30+ countries. Cape Town’s start and Finish was alongside the Cape town Stadium leading participants along a scenic route which incorporated the Sea Point Promenade along the Atlantic Coastline. Undoubtedly there was lots of fun, and even more colour :-). These are some of my glimpses as I walked along the route. Were you there ??

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Dreamy

While walking through Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens recently, I came upon this Spotted Owl in a nest, possibly sitting on some eggs. She turned her head, had a good look at me, and slowly eased back into the dreamy mode again :-):-). Dreamy is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week………..
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